My favorite resource for architects and future architects is Archimarathon. The website is just a starting point the real power of what Kevin is doing with his brand is the YouTube channel and his online community on Discord. I stumbled across the YouTube channel during the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic and I have been consuming his beautifully shot and eloquently narrated videos on topics in architecture, but also his travel to great architecture across the globe. In fact, Archimarathon was founded on chartered tours to great architectural cities around the world. Now that the pandemic is under better control Kevin has rebooted the traveling tours again. I hope to make it to one in the near future.

The power of the YouTube channel is in the strong educational focus that goes deeper than just what meets the eye. Kevin often shares the screen with Austin Maynard, of Austin Maynard Architects, who offers color commentary and a jovial wit to the learning in each episode, proving that learning can be fun!

When I discovered this resource I was isolated, working from home, and was eager to spend this time seeking new ways to reignite my passion for architecture again. While watching the videos I noticed the Discord link, and I was not a regular discord user. Once I joined the community on Discord, I was surprised to be chatting with Kevin Hui himself. He honestly takes care to grow and curate the community himself, and I can't even begin to imagine how much work that must take, but I am so glad he does because it makes the whole remote experience that much richer and more genuine.

I am going to post one of my favorite videos below and the link to join Discord. I do hope that you find as much enjoyment while learning as I do.

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